Participating Firm Requirements

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Last Updated: December 9, 2016

Each Firm (as described in the Arraydian Terms of Service; participating in Arraydian’s web-based referral clearinghouse services (“Services”) must satisfy the following requirements:



These usage guidelines set forth the rules for using or referring to the trademarks and service marks owned by the Corporation. For the purposes of these Guidelines, "Arraydian Marks” includes all registered or unregistered trademarks and service marks (such as words, names, symbols, devices, slogans, or combination of these) owned by the Corporation and set forth in the Standards Guide or otherwise approved for use by subscribers in writing by Arraydian LLC.

The Corporation considers its trademarks and service marks to be among its most valuable intellectual property assets. As such, the Corporation intends to take all appropriate measures to preserve the strength of and retain exclusive rights to use its marks. Our Subscribers may use the Arraydian Marks pursuant to the terms of these Guidelines. Failure to follow these Guidelines is a violation of the terms of your subscription and is grounds for termination of access to the Arraydian Service. Any variation from these Guidelines must be approved by Arraydian LLC in writing. If you have any questions about the Guidelines, please direct them to the Executive Vice President/COO.

General Guidelines

Proper usage of the Arraydian Marks is important for their continued protection. Proper usage adds value to Subscribers’ participation in the Service and helps prevent the Arraydian Marks from losing their distinctiveness and becoming generic. In general, Subscribing associations may use the Arraydian Marks on their website to promote the Service to their member firms or in conjunction with Arraydian-supplied web code used to access the Service. Subscribing firms may use the Arraydian Marks on their website to promote the Service’s use to their employees or in conjunction with Arraydian-supplied web code used to access the Service. Other uses of the Arraydian Marks are prohibited unless granted written authorization in advance by Arraydian LLC.

Usage Rules for Arraydian as a Trade Name

"Arraydian" functions not only as a trademark mark and service mark identifying services offered to the Corporation’s subscribers, but also as a trade name or company name referring to the Corporation. Trade names are nouns and, therefore, should not be followed by a generic descriptor and may be used in the possessive form. When used as the Corporation’s trade name, “Arraydian” should not be followed by a trademark symbol. Within documents, the first reference to the trade or company name should be “Arraydian LLC, a subscriber association” or “Arraydian LLC, a Georgia non-profit corporation.” “Arraydian” can be used for subsequent references.

Usage Rules for Logos

To the extent that the Arraydian Marks include any design marks or logos, then the following usage guidelines apply to Subscribers’ use of such Arraydian Marks.

Prohibited Uses of Arraydian Marks

Misuse of Arraydian Marks by Others

If a Subscriber learns of any uses of any logos, icons, or images that are confusingly similar to the Arraydian Marks, it is expected to notify the Executive Vice President/COO of the Corporation. Similarly, if a Subscriber becomes aware of any use of an Arraydian Mark that violates any of the rules described above, including failure to identify any Arraydian Mark as belonging to the Corporation, it should notify the Executive Vice President/COO. If possible, the Subscriber should provide a copy of the article or other medium in which the violation appeared.