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About Arraydian

Find a new way to connect

How do you connect with the right provider who has the right experience and in the right corner of the world? Arraydian offers a worldwide search tool open to like-minded, niche-focused businesses that provide accounting, tax, assurance, and other consulting services. By sharing information about the expertise within their own organization, participants gain the right to search and find the expertise that they need to better serve their clients.

A world of accounting expertise at your fingertips

Arraydian’s extensive database is searchable by location, industry expertise and particular service area. Searches yield the contact information for firms and individuals who have the specific accounting, tax and consulting knowledge that you or your client requires. Learn a new way to find a business consultant in the right location and with the right expertise.

Access to the Arraydian clearinghouse is restricted to those organizations that have provided their own expertise information to the service; information that meets defined submission standards. Through the Arraydian clearinghouse service, participants have access to a global peer group that understands the power of independent firms cooperating to meet their clients’ needs.

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Contact us for more information on Arraydian and how to participate in the service.